European Board of Internal Medicine


The European Board of Internal Medicine is a collaboration between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS), section of Internal Medicine and the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM)

What we do

EBIM is committed to advancing postgraduate education in internal medicine in Europe through guidance on the standardisation of training and practice of internal medicine within Europe for the benefit of patient care. To further this aim, EBIM

  • has generated and will regularly update a curriculum to guide postgraduate education in the specialty of internal medicine. The curriculum presents the minimum training requirements for the qualification as a specialist in internal medicine across Europe, to provide consistency in the practice of Internal Medicine across Europe regardless of where in Europe physicians have been trained.
  • has developed guidance for a comprehensive assessment of trainee performance and achievement of competencies.
  • has developed guidance for the accreditation process of training centres of Internal Medicine across Europe.
  • will establish a body that will validate the qualification of internists at the European level in the form of a European Certificate in Internal Medicine.
  • will establish an End-of-Training (formative assessment) exam that along with the European Certificate in Internal Medicine will lead to a European Diploma of Internal Medicine.
  • will develop methods of formal and professional accreditation of training centres in internal medicine as defined by the curriculum.
  • will develop a faculty development program to further education in internal medicine.
  • will foster continuing medical education and professional development (CME/CPD).