Integrative Guidelines

The rising number of clinical guidelines poses a challenge in daily practice of internists. Available guidelines are of varying methodological quality and the majority target an ‘ideal’ patient affected by a single condition, while in practice internists face patients with multimorbidity and/or polypharmacy.

The ‘Critical Appraisal of Guidelines in Internal Medicine Working Group‘ of EFIM performs a critical appraisal of existing guidelines that relate to the most relevant topics in the internal medicine practice, in both the hospital and outpatient setting.

List of publications.
Clinical practice guidelines adaptation for internists – An EFIM methodology – June, 2020

Pulmonary embolism – An EFIM guideline critical appraisal and adaptation for practicing clinicians, 2021

Community-acquired pneumonia – An EFIM guideline critical appraisal adaptation for internists, 2022